Poland: LOTOS Fuel & EV Charging Stations Expansion Plans

Poland: LOTOS Fuel & EV Charging Stations Expansion Plans

LOTOS plans for 550 fuel service stations across Poland

LOTOS is all set to construct 12 electric vehicle charging stations, spaced at intervals of 150 kilometers or less, enabling electric cars to travel from the coast to the capital city, with the help of a smartphone app that will aid motorists find charging points and check prices.

The electric vehicle charging stations are planned to be equipped with universal chargers that will meet the needs of the entire e-mobility market. 50 kW will be the minimum power of a single charging point.

LOTOS plans to deploy a chain management system featuring a number of useful functionalities, in parallel with the installation of the charging points. Drivers of electric and hybrid cars will be able to shop at a well-stocked on-site store, while charging their vehicle, or recharge their smartphone in the Cafe food service area.

50 stations have been selected by LOTOS where EV charging points would be deployed. Estimated cost of the project is approximately EUR 1m which will be partly covered from EU funds.

“The Polish fuel station market is already saturated. In the strategy published in 2016, we have decided that we want to build several dozen fuel service stations a year and grow to 550. What we focus on is improving the quality of products available at fuel service stations,” said LOTOS Group Vice President Mateusz Bonec.

The retail network expansion projects of LOTOS are consistent with the plans of the Energy Ministry and the EU’s Clean Vehicles Directive. LOTOS plans not only to install electric vehicle charging points but also to sell CNG, LNG and hydrogen at its service stations in the future, to meet its objectives. The LOTOS chain will become the LOTOS Energy Hub, a modern network of integrated energy service stations, when these plans take shape. PWKD22092017

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