Germany: H2 Mobility Cross Border Refueling By H2.LIVE

Germany: H2 Mobility Cross Border Refueling By H2.LIVE

There are 34 hydrogen stations currently with another 42 in the pipeline

Hydrogen could be the best solution for anyone aiming to cover long distances with an electric car. Trips can be planned to check where to find hydrogen service stations abroad for addresses, opening hours and availability, using the app H2.LIVE or online at

Nikolas Iwan, Managing Director of H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. says, “Hydrogen mobility offers everything we love about driving – especially the range! With our app hydrogen pioneers can now venture without worries beyond the German border.”

Germany’s nationwide hydrogen infrastructure has been developed by H2 Mobility and is now responsible for the H2.LIVE app. The operative side of the hydrogen revolution, including network planning, licensing, procurement, and establishing and operating 700-bar hydrogen refueling stations that are open to the general public is under the responsibility of the company.

Drivers of hydrogen fuel cell cars still need to plan ahead, even though good progress is being made on developing the infrastructure. With 34 refueling stations open to the general public, Germany has another 42 at the planning stage that are proposed to be opened within the next few months. 100 hydrogen fuel stations to be built in Germany are provided in the first phase. Another 300 will follow by about 2023, if the number of fuel cell vehicles registered increases. PWKD29092017

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