Austria: Ennshafen Port First LNG Fuel Service Station Launch

Austria: Ennshafen Port First LNG Fuel Service Station Launch

As a result of a collaboration between RAG, trimodal logistics hub Ennshafen GmbH and Iveco Austria, LNG Station Opens

RAG has announced that the commercial LNG fuel station is now open to the public. Markus Mitteregger, RAG’s Chief Executive Officer said, “This is a milestone in establishing LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel for commercial vehicles, and RAG is making a highly important contribution to achieving Austria’s climate targets. Thanks to our new alterantive fuel service station, LNG has finally arrived in the country.”

Werner Auer, Managing Director of Ennshafen said that the Ennshafen logistics hub in central Upper Austria is the ideal choice for the site of the country’s first LNG service station. Port handling and a high density of goods vehicle traffic go hand in hand. As a Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) hub, Ennshafen offers the infrastructure required for the first step in establishing the new fuel in Austria.

For a modern business location, groundbreaking energy solutions are essential. With a view to boosting its position as a high-quality business location in the long term, Upper Austria has shown once again that it is leading the way internationally with the first LNG fuel service station in the country.  Source: NGV PWKD02102017

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