Czech Republic: Benzina Customer Service Training For Staff Across Network

Czech Republic: Benzina Customer Service Training For Staff Across Network

The training process makes use of a tailor made minibus specially designed for the purpose

The Czech Republic’s largest fuel retail network, part of the Unipetrol Group, Benzina, has begun to train its business partners and their fuel retail network staff. A special mobile minibus is designed for this purpose which can train staff directly at fuel service stations.

Marek Zouvala, Director of Unipetrol’s Benzina Registered Branch said, “We’re modernizing our fuel service stations – we introduced new fuels EFECTA, we’re currently implementing modern Wi-Fi services and expanding the supplementary sale. We also follow modern trends in refreshments. Now we want to improve our customer case since it is the service employees who shape the customer’s final impression when visiting our station. And it is these employees whom we help to grow and improve.”

Vladimír Dočekal, Benzina’s Director of Operations said that performing the quality training directly at a fuel service station is often difficult due to limited space, while sending the staff for training outside the fuel service station is also quite complicated for operational reasons. Hence they ordered the tailored-made minibus ready to go directly to their partners and their employees and are therefore able to effectively train a larger part of the station’s staff.

In their training, they use a mix of traditional forms of training and e-learning, including interactive videos, presentations, and test forms. The training’s content focuses mainly on positive communication with customers and solving of typical situations.

“This way we help our partners transfer the values of the Benzina brand directly on their first-line employees. We improve our customer service trying to ensure the same level of service across the entire network,” said Vladimír Dočekal. PWKD02112017

Last modified onWednesday, 01 November 2017 20:56
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