France: Natural Gas Gets Government Support

France: Natural Gas Gets Government Support

With new found status, a significant step has been achieved towards meeting the aspired clean mobility target

With the objective to contribute to the emergence of clean mobility that preserves the quality of the air, a large number of road transport operators in the country have chosen natural gas fuel. Users of this fuel, since they have not been eligible for an excise consideration, were financially disadvantaged compared to those who use diesel.

However, the government has made moves to acknowledge natural gas the status of a professional fuel, with the intention to meet the ambitious targets for the development of clean mobility.  The following argument is offered in an Amendment to Article 265 of the Code of Customs:

“The road transport sector, a sector with high emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases, must undergo significant changes in order to meet the ambitious targets for the development of clean mobility that France has set itself in the context of PPE and ultimately to improve the quality of the air. It is therefore proposed to harmonize the taxation of fuel gas, with the stated objectives of the Government to develop it by allowing it to benefit from the same recovery of TICPE as diesel when used by professionals and thus safeguarding its competitiveness.”

Almost 95% of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation come from road transport, as per ministry figures.

Natural gas has been given the status of a fuel used for commercial applications by the adoption of the amendment, making it a significant step toward achieving the objectives set by PPE. Source: NGV PWKD03112017

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