Bulgaria: Eldrive & Shell Fast Charging Stations Partnership

Bulgaria: Eldrive & Shell Fast Charging Stations Partnership

16 Shell fuel service station will be installed with Fast-charging stations

An agreement has been entered into between Eldrive and Shell Bulgaria, for the construction of fuel charging stations for electric cars in Shell commercial complexes in Bulgaria .Fast-charging stations will be installed by Eldrivein 16 Shell fuel service stations located on major roads and highways in the country. With the first fast-charging stations that were installed put into operation in early November 2017, the remaining charging points are expected to be commissioned by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

While Shell will be the first and only chain of fuel service stations in Bulgaria to undertake such a major project to refuel electric cars with fast charging stations, the partnership will make Eldrive the largest provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the country and the only operator with national coverage. It will be possible to recharge the batteries of the most popular electric vehicle brands up to 80% in less than 20 minutes, since the installed charging stations have a power of 50 kWt DC.

KameliaSlaveikova, CEO of Shell Bulgaria said, "It is a pleasure for us to be among the first countries where Shell introduces high-speed electric vehicle stations to its retail outlets, which would mean more convenience for our customers to charge their cars on the move and allow us to expand the range of fuels we offer."

Soon after Shell signed agreement to buy NewMotion, one of Europe's largest suppliers of electric cars, the service was launched. UK is the first country in which Shell Recharge, the new fast-charging electric car will be available. Shell’s commitment to providing its customers with a choice of fuels with the development of new technologies that co-exist with traditional transport fuels is proved by these initiatives.

"Strategic partnership with Shell is an important step in our development, because it effectively transforms Eldrive's network into a finished product with national coverage. With it, electromobility becomes a real alternative to conventional road transport, which at the same time is cheaper and does not pollute the environment, "said Stefan Spasov, CEO of Eldrive. PWKD28112017

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