Czech Republic: Benzina Centers On Customers’ Sensations

Czech Republic: Benzina Centers On Customers’ Sensations

The company has decided to try out sensory marketing to enhance customer experience


After renovating its fuel service station design, refreshment innovation and staff training, Benzinahas moved on to further enhance the services for its customers by focusing on its customers’ senses, namely smell and hearing. The right scent and background music is being tested that should intensify drivers’ impression when visiting a filling station. The pilot project being launched at five filling stations alreadywill be now gradually expanded to the entire network.

Marek Zouvala, Head of Unipetrol’sBenzinaodštěpnýzávod (registered branch) said, "Our goal is to continually improve the comfort provided to our customers. Following modern trends, we apply some of them to our filling stations. These no longer represent just a necessary refueling stop but also a place for rest, refreshment and shopping. We therefore decided to try out also the so-called sensory marketing which will help us make the customers’ visit at our stations more pleasant."

Conducted in collaboration with GfK and IMS Sensory, scent and music testingevaluated six variants of scents and music styles. The winner of the scent category was a mixture called Black Tea Fig, while for music, the pop style emerged as a winner.

“By the end of the year, we will have evaluated how satisfied our customers are with this novelty. If proven successful, it will be applied across the entire network,” said AgnieszkaBobrukiewicz, Head of Benzina’s Marketing Department. “During the upcoming holidays, we’re also going to test Christmas music and the festive cinnamon aroma.”


Creating a pleasant atmosphere and stirring up positive emotions while connecting them with a particular place, product or brand, using all five human senses, is the aim of Sensory marketing. PWKD29112017

Czech Republic: Benzina Centers On Customers’ Sensations

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