England UK: Certas Energy Awarded Gulf Oil Best Fuel Partner

England UK: Certas Energy Awarded Gulf Oil Best Fuel Partner

The award is to credit the firm for their work in advancing and enriching retail fuel

Gulf Oil International has honored Certas Energy with ‘Gulf Oil Best Fuel Partner of the Year, recognizing the work undertaken by Certas Energy in developing and enhancing retail fuel in the UK.

Ramsay MacDonald, retail director, Certas Energy, said, “I’m absolutely delighted that Gulf Retail has been recognized in this way. We continue to work hard to develop the Gulf brand in UK and ensure that the Gulf proposition appeals to dealers of all sizes. We are working hard to differentiate out offer with the support of Gulf Oil International and build brand presence across the UK. Our most recent successes, three flagship sites in the North of England with a combined volume of 13 million liters, are now on stream and in full Gulf imagery. They demonstrate in no uncertain terms the strength of this historic retail fuel brand, today and for the future.”

“This award is so well deserved. Certas Energy is achieving such great results in spite of the toughness and complexities of the market place. The UK team continues to invest in the Gulf brand and works tirelessly to provide UK dealers with a strong alternative to the traditional fuel station majors. Certas Energy and Gulf Retail richly deserve this recognition,” said Frank Rutten, vice president International, Gulf Oil International. PWKD30112017

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