UK: 25% Motorists Spend No Time On Research For Mechanic

UK: 25% Motorists Spend No Time On Research For Mechanic

According to a recent survey by ExxonMobil, a third of British motorists do no research at all when choosing a garage for car maintenance.

UK motorists, in comparison, spend twice as much time looking into other household purchase decisions, for instance, choosing a new piece of furniture or mobile phone.

The youngest car owners, 18-24 year olds, according to the survey, spend the most time researching car maintenance options, whereas, it is the oldest group, 55+, who spend the least. The time spent researching garages drops off considerably, as age increases, signifying that selecting a reliable workshop is a decision people make for the long term, and shopping-around for better deals later on is less probable.

‘A mechanic I can trust’, was the most important factor, when it comes to choosing a garage, with a quarter of respondents believing a “recognizable name” was vital and that a workshop using premium brands was a reason to return.

Launched in 2015, the Mobil 1 Workshop Program, has reached its 2,000th site in Europe, which gives independent workshops a preferential association with the Mobil 1 brand of lubricants, as well as marketing resources, branding, digital support, and sales training from ExxonMobil and their licensed distributor.

An independent workshop owner and member of the Mobil 1 Workshop Program, Ismail Cemal, HP Porsche in Hainault, Essex said, “What appealed to us about the program was the fact that we would be able to retain our business independence, whilst being able to draw on the expertise of the ExxonMobil organization. Since becoming a Mobil 1 Workshop, our staff have received lubricants sales training which has enabled us to increase our fuel change margins and we have seen an increase in footfall.”

“The steady growth we are seeing in the Mobil 1 Workshop scheme reflects the changing customer demands highlighted in this survey. With over 42,000 independent workshops competing for custom in the UK, we are offering a package that has the potential to differentiate and grow businesses at a time when there are more and more out-of-warranty cars on the roads. As the scheme expands, we look forward to continuing to help workshops increase their profitability whilst improving their customers’ fuel change experience,” said Martin Bullock, sector specialist for automotive at Exxon Mobil. PWKD05122017

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