Czech Republic: Shell & Chef Filip Sajler Modern Concept Partnership

Czech Republic: Shell & Chef Filip Sajler Modern Concept Partnership

The new concept will appear on the next ten motorway fuel service stations in 2018.

Shell, in association with famous chef Filip Sajler, has come out with a new concept in fast food, which reflects elements of modern gastronomy based on traditional culinary practices and high quality raw materials used. The pilot project has been introduced on two motorway service stations and required a major renovation of the store's interior.

The new deli by Shell fast-food concept has been introduced in response to the ever-increasing demands of drivers. The new concept, in full format, will be reflected at the motorway stations where, after a major reconstruction of the interior, it offers a wide range of quality, tasty and freshly prepared dishes. Four basic pillars hold the custom sale format- a new fast food concept, a quality coffee menu, a fresh bar and a comfortable seating area.

Shell attaches the same demands to refreshments offered as it lays on the high quality of its fuels. As proof of this, shell has made the collaboration with professional chef, Filip Sajlerwho, together with Shell specialists, has created 6 meals reflecting the latest gastronomic trends.

Recipe is not the only factor or the quality of refreshments. Stringent selection conditions must be met by suppliers of raw materials for the Deli byShell assortment. Everything is thoroughly controlled according to standards that belong to the most stringent on the market.

A brand new concept, in addition to free Wi-Fi and chargers for mobile phones or laptops, offerings of good refreshments and a long-distance rest in pilot operation at the fuel stations in Popuvky on D1 near Brno and on D10 near Turnov. Next year, selected smaller fuel stations will be modified on the lines introduced from concepts used in these sales concepts. PWKD06122017

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