OrangeGas Enters German Market With CNG Station Acquisition

OrangeGas Enters German Market With CNG Station Acquisition

OrangeGas has made the first steps outside the Netherlands, with its acquisition of 13 natural gas / CNG fuel stations in Germany.

By the end of 2019, the company aims to become the largest sustainable fuel operator in Europe, with the stations becoming operational under OrangeGas label starting December 2017.

Marcel Borger, CEO and founder of OrangeGas said, “We are confident that we will be able to grow substantially in Germany over the coming 2-3 years to 100-150 natural gas filling stations. The next 30-50 stations are already in the pipeline. We have therefore appointed an experienced director Germany and he has already booked his first successes in the first 1 1/2 month. OrangeGas is very well received by our transparent approach, customer orientation and recognizable marketing strategy”.

Total turnover increased by more than 10%, with the purchase. Volkswagen, in Germany, is fully committed to CNG with the support of, among others, Angela Merkel. The first big CNG meeting of Volkswagen in Hamburg was opened by her in 2017.

OrangeGas has concrete plans for Belgium, in addition to Germany, where driving on natural gas is becoming increasingly popular, and also Sweden, since here, driving on green gas is very popular with business lease drivers. OrangeGas aims to grow to 1000 sustainable fuel stations in Europe, with these aspirations.

OrangeGas sells 100% green gas at fuel service stations, in the Netherlands. Produced from sewage treatment plants, green waste and landfill gas, this is the green variant of natural gas and biogas.

The only direct and widely applicable sustainable fuel of the moment is Green gas. All types of vehicles can be ordered directly from the factory in the showroom.From the VW UP to delivery vans to the Audi A4 and A5, it is 0.25 € cheaper than diesel and 0.60 € cheaper than fuel and with a similar consumption of diesel.

Electric fast chargers are also being operated by OrangeGas in Amsterdam. Suitable for large transport such as buses, refuse trucks and passenger cars, there are also plans to open the first hydrogen fuel service station in Amsterdam in 2019.  PWKD29012018

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