England UK: MFG To Include Esso Brand

England UK: MFG To Include Esso Brand

England’s second largest independent retail fuel operator, Motor Fuel Group (MFG), has chosen to add Esso brand onto their network.

“We are delighted to announce this supply deal with Greenergy, a key supplier of Esso Synergy fuels in the UK,” said Simon Davis, MFG’s fuel operations director.

80 fuel service stations throughout the network will be rebranded to Esso in their latest 2Di image, in a program running from the beginning of February until the middle of May 2018. The majority of these fuel service stations (71) were previously branded BP.

David added that they look forward to working with Greenergy who were able to give them a highly competitive deal that now enables them to provide an enhanced fuel offer to their customers and the attractive Tesco Clubcard loyalty scheme. PWKD30012018

Last modified onMonday, 29 January 2018 21:27
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