Slovenia: First Commercial LNG Fuel Network Launch By Butan gas

Slovenia: First Commercial LNG Fuel Network Launch By Butan gas

Within the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Butan gas has established a network of liquid gas fuel service stations (LNGs) for commercial vehicles in Slovenia and Croatia.

A newly installed stationary LPG, the first in the area has been opened, in Sezana, which is an important acquisition for the region.

European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc, said, "A network of bottling stations for lignite LPG trucks (LNGs) is being co-financed by the EU. LNG as motor fuel makes environmentally friendly transport, especially for road freight transport, representing 25.9% of greenhouse gas emissions in road transport. The necessary infrastructure and more accessible alternative energy sources will allow us to take a step forward in decarburizing our logistics network."

Partially co-financed by the European Union, the entire project is worth 3 million euros. Butan gas company, will realize the project of building the necessary infrastructure for the development of LNG in Slovenia and Croatia. Tomas Grm, general manager of Butan gas, said: "We are pleased with the new acquisitions for the country and the region, as it can permanently contribute to the realization of certain set environmental goals and strategic orientations of the European Union in this field. Infrastructure will get its purpose when the necessary national incentives will be realized in favor of the use of this propellant.”

The vehicles can withstand up to 1,500 miles per filling, in addition to bringing LTE with an environmentally cleaner driving alternative for road freight transport, less noise, lower fuel consumption and fuel price. Autamarocchi, the international company has more than 750 freight vehicles, possesses 20 LPG trucks and will soon be acquire another 20. PWKD020022018

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