Spain: Repsol & Kia Partnership To Unveil A New Car Sharing Operator

Spain: Repsol & Kia Partnership To Unveil A New Car Sharing Operator

The project is a new car-sharing operation to enhance sustainable mobility

Kia Motors Iberia has teamed up with Repsol to launch WiBLE (Widely Accessible, very accessible) brand, a new car-sharing operator that will enhance sustainable mobility in cities and their surroundings.

In accordance with Kia's strategy to extend this service to other markets, Madrid has been chosen as the city for WiBLE's debut in Europe, since the Spanish capital is a very interesting city in which to launch the project, due to its geography and demographics as well as the positive reception these kinds of services tend to enjoy there.

The extensive experience in mobility business and knowledge of Repsol's consumers, with the know-how of Kia, consumers´ fourth-favorite brand in the country, which makes a strong commitment to sustainable mobility, 100% electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, has been combined in the project.

The operation of the service is due to start up in the second half of the year on which the two companies are presently working to define the details. The relevant authorization of competition from the European Commission is pending.

A fast transition to new mobility services, which include new advanced propulsion systems and technological developments, connectivity and new paradigms of collaborative consumption is being engaged by the transport sector.

WiBLE responds to this scenario, "Without limits for everyone", in the vision of the future of Kia's private transport, which aims to ensure that opportunities for mobility and transport are unlimited and accessible for all.

As a leader in the supply of energy for mobility, Repsol, always seeks to promote innovative initiatives that represent alternative energy supply for transport and provide value to customers, as in the case of WiBLE. PWKD05022018

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