Netherlands: North Jutland Railways Shifts To Natural Gas

Netherlands: North Jutland Railways Shifts To Natural Gas

With the use of GTL, particulate emissions will be reduced by 25 percent.

North Jutland Railways, the first public transport company has decided to shift all of their traditional diesel to GTL (Gas-To-Liquids), a fuel made of natural gas, henceforth deriving much less pollution when travelling by train. Peter Hvilshoj, Managing Director of Nordjyske Railways, said "We would like to go ahead and contribute with a greener train operation. Therefore, we have decided to phase out diesel in favor of GTL. Even though our train is new, they still emit harmful particles and diesel odors. Therefore, it is natural that we take advantage of the options that are actually in order to choose a cleaner fuel.”

With the switch to GTL, harmful particles are reduced by as much as 25 percent. Virtually all the particles associated with diesel and air are removed at the same time, enabling stations and passengers to look forward to less air pollution and diesel noise from the train.

Though GTL is a few percent more expensive than regular diesel, as per Nordjyske Jernbaner and Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT), the additional charge is the administrative responsibility for settlement of the public transport in the region.

"The shift from diesel to GTL is a big and very important step on the road to greener public transport,” said Nuuradiin Hussein, chairman of the board. “This is just one of the pillars of NT's ongoing transformation from traffic to mobility companies. We believe that public transport should be at the forefront of the green change, and we have ambitious goals to help set standards.”

After introducing Denmark's first CO2-neutral regional buses, NT already has good experiences with sustainable traffic.

Nordjylland is Denmark's first climate region, and regional council chairman Ulla Astman also sees GTL as a good step on the road to cleaner public transport. "We are not able to drive electricity in North Jutland in the foreseeable future. But by giving up diesel in the trains we can do a lot for both the environment and air quality. Therefore, I see the Nordjyske Railways switch from diesel to natural gas, which is just the right thing to do at this time. At the same time, we can do without big investments and exposures just make the decision even better,” says Ulla Astman. Source: Tv2 Nord PWKD02032018

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