Netherlands: Neste Delivers 1st Batch Renewable Propane

Netherlands: Neste Delivers 1st Batch Renewable Propane

The world's first large-scale renewable propane production facility has been started up by Neste in Rotterdam, with the first cargo of renewable propane delivered to SHV Energy, who will market and sell the product to its customers across Europe as BioLPG.

The new facility has a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year with SHV Energy being the exclusive distributor, supplying 160,000 tonnes over four years.

Users of existing fossil fuels will be empowered by BioLPG to reduce their carbon footprint, with no modifications to existing fuel applications technology. From transport and commercial heating to retail leisure cylinders, BioLPG can be used within a full range of existing LPG applications.

Ms Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President of Renewable Products at Neste said, "Start-up of the new production facility means that SHV Energy's customers in Europe will be able to use this new renewable product and enjoy its environmental benefits combined with ease of use in already familiar applications. For us it also represents an important step in implementing our growth strategy for Renewable Products."

"SHV Energy is proud to be part of this unique renewable energy project and congratulates Neste on a fantastic engineering achievement. In use, BioLPG will be very low carbon and extremely clean. The biggest environmental contribution that it can make is when it replaces existing high carbon solid and liquid fuels in homes and businesses located beyond the natural gas grid. The mission of all SHV Energy companies is, Advancing Energy Together and this is exactly what BioLPG will mean for the thousands of customers over seven European countries who will start to enjoy the benefits of this new product very soon", says Fulco van Lede, Management Board Member of SHV Energy. PWKD21032018

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