Czech Republic: Benzina Mobile Carwash App Launch

Czech Republic: Benzina Mobile Carwash App Launch

The smart app allows the driver to get the car washed without having to get out of the car or even opening a window

Part of the Unipetrol Group and the largest network of its kind in the country, Benzina, has introduced a mobile app that enables people to wash their cars without queuing or needing to buy a voucher at a fuel station and entering a code before driving into the carwash. The Mycí digi linka (Digi Car Wash) recognizes a vehicle registration plate and was created by Superoperator, which is the first in the world to develop clever car washing apps.

A driver chooses an appropriate nearby carwash in the app, selects a washing program, pays online within seconds and can enter the carwash straightaway without having to get out of the car or even opening a window.

Payment is immediate since the app can store a driver’s card number. The vehicle registration number can also be stored, so the next time a driver goes to a carwash, it automatically detects their car, opens the door and runs the program. The driver can find out how much time is left before the end of the wash on the display. Drivers can easily see which carwashes are either busy or empty with the app helping to save time.

"The app is available for download on iOS and Android. “Drivers using the carwash service via our app are significantly more satisfied than those using traditional carwashes,” said Helena Lindová from Superoperator, global leader in digital car app solutions.

“Because we’re inviting drivers to try out this innovation, we’re offering a 10-crown discount for each washing program of their choice till the end of August. We hope our mobile app becomes an essential part of the travellers, wherever they go," added Agnieszka Bobrukiewicz, Head of Unipetrol Retail Marketing Department. PWKD11042018

Last modified onWednesday, 11 April 2018 05:30
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