Norway: YX & Preem Evolution Diesel Partnership

Norway: YX & Preem Evolution Diesel Partnership

YX has entered into a partnership with Swedish Preem. By purchasing Preem Evolution Diesel from approximately 150 YX fuel service stations adapted to heavier vehicles, customers will help reduce CO2 emissions.

Since emissions are reduced by 17% compared to fossil products, just under every 5 refueling will be fossil-free. It will have the same price and maintain the same high quality, since Evolution Diesel has the same product characteristics as regular diesel.

Preem is Sweden's largest fuel company with their refineries being considered the most modern and environmentally friendly in Europe.

Evolution Diesel can be used by all diesel vehicles without special adaptations or other service intervals, since it meets all diesel standard (EN590). Made from sustainable renewable raw materials, such as tall oil which is a waste product from the Swedish forest industry, the product is a mixture of regular diesel, regular biodiesel and advanced biodiesel (HVO).

The sale of Preem Evolution Diesel to the transport sector to have a 20% biofuel share in 2017, which is far higher than the government's 7% requirement, remains YX's goal.

The agreement between Preem and YX Norway makes it possible for customers with YX Truck Card to use their cards at Preem and Saifa stations in Sweden, and Swedish Preem and Saifa customers can use their Preem card at the Norwegian YX trucking. PWKD04052018

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