Cyprus: Eni 4th Larnaca Fuel Service Station Launch

Cyprus: Eni 4th Larnaca Fuel Service Station Launch

Eni has launched its 4th fuel service station in the country, operating under the management of the PETROLINA Company.

Providing automotive fuels, distribution of heating fuel and the high quality Eni lubricants, the new Eni fuel service station offers services such as fuel change, tire pressure check and Eni shop.

The renewed contract between Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd and the Italian multinational Eni S.p.A. is partly responsible for the addition of the new fuel service station to the Eni network.

The new Eni retail visual standards has given rise to the upgrade. Operating with new storage fuel underground tanks and underground piping, the station complies with all EU safety, operation, environmental standards and appearance. PWKD11052018

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