BP & Castrol Develop Carbon Offsetting Scheme

BP & Castrol Develop Carbon Offsetting Scheme

Presenting auto dealers the opportunity to use carbon neutral lubricants, BP Target Neutral has developed an offer with Castrol Professional, which reduces and offsets the emissions of operations and offers customers a new car with the first 10k miles of driving offset.

Developed in partnership with BP Target Neutral, the program is Castrol’s dedicated offer for franchised dealers. Enabling to build environmental credibility into customers’ businesses, it enhances value and empowers them to become ‘certified carbon neutral’.

Dealers are looking at ways they can reduce their own emissions and help customers reduce theirs while Motorists are increasingly aware of the carbon impact of driving. Providing them with the opportunity to use carbon offsetting creatively in engaging their consumers or fleet operations, the Castrol carbon offsetting program gives dealers the information and support to help them reduce and offset their emissions to go carbon neutral.

Castrol started the rollout across Europe of the offer in 2017. Castrol has implemented the offer across 10 customers, till date, covering 48 dealer sites and a broad mix of OEM and non-OEM partners.  “The Castrol Carbon Offsetting program was driven from the insight that sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is becoming mainstream” says Mike Capper from the BP Target Neutral Team. “Motorists are increasingly looking for lower emissions options and OEMs have been adapting their ranges to make them more efficient and cleaner, but their dealer networks, the consumer face of their brand, have been slower to respond – with limited support from manufacturers or the internal capabilities to change. This program helps dealers take action.”

“Being part of this program enables us to differentiate from competitors and be pioneers in such an innovative initiative. As a company we are conscious about the importance of respecting the Environment hence the Carbon Neutral Program is a perfect way not only to contribute for decreasing our CO2 footprint but also our customer’s footprints” said Mr. Antonio Gomez, owner and CEO of Grupo Motor Gomez - Spain, which has offset 193 Tonnes of CO2. PWKD14052018

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