Russia: OPW Provides Lukoil With Sustainable Solution

Russia: OPW Provides Lukoil With Sustainable Solution

Lukoil, a major Russian based Fuel Company, required long lasting and reliable containment for a new build fuel service station including associated internal equipment (pipework, valves, covers and probes) that would perform for the lifecycle of the site with minimal maintenance.

A quick installation was a priority, since the project had a tight timescale for completion. On-site technical support and installation training were necessary, as a result.

Lukoil was provided by OPW, with a sustainable solution - an easy-install underground containment system including KPS pipework and Fibrelite tank sumps, which ensured complete containment and conductivity for the lifecycle of the site. An OPW product expert provided on-site technical support and installation training, throughout the installation, enabling the fuel station to be finished within the desired timeframe.

Fibrelite S7-390 GRP (glass reinforced plastic) tank sumps which are strong, non-corrosive and require minimal maintenance during their working life, were used by OPW in the installation. 63mm single-wall KPS piping was used to connect the system, providing a safe, easy-install solution. OPW’s industry-leading Fibrelite 40 tonne manhole covers, provided a watertight, anti-slip, and easily removable covering solution over the tank sumps.

A reliable containment system that will perform in the toughest of conditions for the lifecycle of the site, was offered by OPW. PWKD15052018

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