England UK: MFG Enters New Five-Year Deal With Valero

England UK: MFG Enters New Five-Year Deal With Valero

Motor Fuel Group (MFG), has entered into a new five-year deal with Valero, which will see Valero renew 81 Texaco-branded MFG fuel service stations and in addition, gain six new fuel service stations

Simon Davis, fuel operations director at MFG, said that the decision to renew with Valero and continue to offer the Texaco brand on their network was made so that they could continue to offer a wide-ranging fuel offer to their customers. "Value and brand recognition are always high in the minds of motorists and with the Texaco brand, we continue to meet their expectations."

The original agreement between Valero and MFG was made in 2015. Adele Shackleton, regional branded sales manager at Valero, said: "I'm delighted that MFG has made the decision to renew their agreement with Valero. We have an excellent relationship with Simon and the team at MFG and are thrilled to continue working with them at a very exciting time for their business."

"We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with MFG, who are such a significant player in the industry,” said Andrew Cox, Valero's director sales and marketing. “As MFG expand and their volumes continue to grow, Valero can be relied upon to support their business with security of supply, quality fuels and an industry leading delivery service." PWKD28062018

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