Sweden: Preem & SAS Sign Collaborate For Renewable Aviation Fuel

Sweden: Preem & SAS Sign Collaborate For Renewable Aviation Fuel

Preem's goal is to produce three million cubic meters of biofuels by 2030

A letter of intent to produce renewable aviation fuel, known as biojet / biofuel has been signed by Preem and SAS, with SAS aspiring to replace fuel for domestic airplanes with biojet / biofuel by 2030.

According to the agreement, SAS and Preem will collaborate to jointly ensure the production of biojet / biofuel in connection with Preem's planned capacity expansion of the Gothenburg refinery. Preliminary estimated start-up is in 2022.The total capacity for biofuels is estimated to exceed one million cubic meters, of which a subset may be biojet / biofuel for the airplane.

On a long-term basis, SAS has a clear strategy to reduce its climate-impact emissions, and intends to be among the leading airlines in the transition to lower climate impact. Using biojet / biofuel corresponding for all domestic production biofuel by 2030 is among SAS's goals.

Sören Eriksson, development engineer at Preem, said, "Preem's vision is to be a leader in the transition to a sustainable society, and we are actively working to develop our production of Swedish biofuels. We look forward to working with SAS to expand our production to include in a large scale biojet."

The parties will meet a binding and more detailed cooperation agreement by September 2018. SAS and Preem, if the continued work goes well, intend to also agree on future long-term supply contracts for biojet / biofuel.

"SAS's sustainability and restructuring work is about investing in more environmentally efficient aircraft, flying in an environmentally friendly manner, and using fuel based on renewable sources. This statement of intent is an important puzzle in our work towards a long-term more sustainable flight, "says Lars Andersen Resare, SAS Sustainability Manager. PWKD03072018

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