Netherlands: Tritium’s HPC Go Into Operation

Netherlands: Tritium’s HPC Go Into Operation

Tritium have put the first 12 high-power chargers (HPC)into operation at the Tank & Rast rest stops at BrohltalOst and West either side of the A61 highway in Germany.

Forming part of a planned pan-European network of around 400 HPC stations for Ionity, these 12 charging stations will ensure EV drivers can always find a charging station within the next 120 km.

Tritium was selected as a supplier for this project early last year, as Europe’s leading supplier of DC fast EV chargers. Each of the specially designed charging stations are each capable of delivering 350 kW of power that can add 150km driving range in five minutes.

Dr. David Finn, CEO and Founder at Tritium, said, “Increasing battery size and energy density means electric vehicles can travel further distances. But charging these larger batteries fast requires high-power charging infrastructure. Our HPC solutions deliver up to 475kW of power, making them capable of charging EVs in a very short time. And our goal is to bring charging times down even further, ideally to the same time as it would take to fill your tank with fuel.”

Used by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, the chargers offer the Combined Charging System (CCS). As with all the chargers in the Tritium range, these HPCs include Tritium’s unique and innovative liquid-cooled technology and their system has a significantly smaller footprint than other HPCs on the market – between 50-75% smaller.

IONITY CEO Michael Hajesch said that they entered into a strategic technology partnership with Tritium to introduce HPCs across Europe and have been impressed with their technology and service commitment, since they not only deliver the required power for fast charging but are also highly efficient and compact devices.

The joint effort that has resulted in “these two stations being among the very first of the planned network ensuring that EV drivers no longer need to fear what used to be called “range anxiety” was emphasized by IONITY COO Marcus Groll. PWKD05072018

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