Netherlands: PitPoint Builds 71st Public CNG Station

Netherlands: PitPoint Builds 71st Public CNG Station

The construction of the 71st public CNG / green gas fuel station in the Netherlands has been undertaken by PitPoint, which will be placed at Esso-Kreijne on the Bunschoterstraat in Amersfoort.

"In recent years we have been busy preparing our family business for the future. Offering an alternative fuel fits well within our sustainability strategy. Our full-service fuel service station also has LPG, Euro 98 and Diesel Supreme in addition to the 'regular' diesel and fuel. CNG / green gas is a fine addition to our services and a good step towards greener mobility, " said Rosan Kreijne, director at the family business of the same name.

Robin Geijer, Network Development Manager at PitPoint, “This will be a nice addition to our existing network of CNG / green gas tank locations, especially in view of the good accessibility. Thanks to the cooperation with the Kreijne family, this tank location offers local entrepreneurs the opportunity to switch to CNG / green gas.”

A number of entrepreneurs in the area, such as waste collector ROVA, already run on CNG / green gas, contributing reduction in CO2 emissions and improving local air quality. PWKD09072018

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