Ireland: Applegreen Launches 'Fuelgood'

Ireland: Applegreen Launches 'Fuelgood'

It is the company’s most advanced fuel ever and promises to save customers up to 4c a liter

With the anticipation to enhance customers' cars, for the same price, fuel service station retailer Applegreen has launched a new and improved fuel, 'Fuelgood' which will take motorists further, while offering savings of up to 4c per liter at no extra cost.

While reducing harmful emissions, making it better for the environment, the new product would clean the vehicle engine so it can perform better.

The company has begun the rollout of the unleaded fuel and diesel fuel as standard and is due to be available in all Applegreen fuel stations nationwide by the end of 2018.

Joe Barrett, Applegreen Chief Operations Officer said, "At Applegreen we really are committed to giving our customers the very best of everything, at the very best price, always. And with fuelgood, we’re proving it once more. We have been fueling Irish motorists for over 25 years and are delighted to be continuing to deliver on our promise with the launch of fuelgood. Fuelgood is our most advanced fuel ever and will save our customers up to 4c a liter; this means more kilometers per liter, equaling more savings. It cleans your engine so it can perform better and reduces harmful emissions meaning it’s better for the environment." Source: irish Mirror PWKD09072018

Last modified onFriday, 06 July 2018 11:54
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