France: Andamur Expands Beyond European Borders

France: Andamur Expands Beyond European Borders

In the course of company internationalization, Andamur, assimilates - to its almost 160 service stations (present in 8 countries of the continent), 6 strategically located areas on the main roads of France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

With numerous associated stations, the three countries in this way, add to its network of service areas, new possibilities on route to the Andamur customers. Significant advantages in relation to the refueling (AdBlue/Diesel) are offered by Andamur, along with the convenience of being able to make the payment through the professional card, Andamur ProEurope.

Andamur international network comprises France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia. Clients with the ProEurope card, single one for all countries, will be attended with the guarantee of quality, safety and customer care of Andamur.

With the sole aim of providing facilities to the customer and solutions to the needs of the sector, Andamur keeps growing, also beyond frontiers. PWKD20072018

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