Czech Republic: Benzina Opens ATM At Fuel Service Station

Czech Republic: Benzina Opens ATM At Fuel Service Station

Drivers can now withdraw and deposit money from their car windows while they fuel

Czech Republic’s largest fuel station network and part of the Unipetrol Group, Benzina, in association with Komerční Bank, has opened the first ATM, making it possible for drivers to withdraw money directly from the convenience of their car seat. At Benzina fuel station in Argentinskást in Prague, the Czech Republic’s first ATM tailor-made for drivers was put into operation. Directly from the window of their car, drivers could just stop at the station and withdraw or deposit cash and make other payment operations. Benzina plans to install two more ATMs at its fuel station, by the end of the year.

Marek Zouvala, Director of the Unipetrol Group’s Benzinaodštěpnýzávod (registered branch), said, “We are the largest fuel chain and also the largest café. We constantly strive to offer our customers new products and services. We introduced Wi-Fi zones where you can also recharge your phone or computer, we launched a car wash app and now we’ve come up with another novelty to increase drivers’ comfort at our service stations.”

Benzina’s new service for its customers is the new “DRIVE UP” ATM. It allows drivers to carry out financial operations directly from the window of their car, being located directly between fuel racks. For convenient control from the car window, even for SUVs or vans is the special ATM for motorists, which is height-adjustable. Open 24/7 is the Komerčníbanka ATM which was installed on Argentinská Street in Prague. ATM also receives deposits, in addition to withdrawing cash, and this is good especially for businesspersons who will no longer have to go to the bank’s branch with their takings or look for another deposit ATM.

Jana Švábenská, Executive Director for Payment and Transaction Services said that their motorists associate this service based on the American 'DRIVE' model with several fast food restaurants. “Now, as the first bank in the Czech Republic, we will enable drivers to withdraw money from an ATM conveniently without having to leave their car. Further expansion of this service will depend on the motorists’ interest.”

Worldwide, there are approximately 68,800 drive-up ATMs installed, representing roughly 2% of the total number of ATMs installed. Most of them are located in the US (40% of all ATMs) and Saudi Arabia (13%).Other countries with Drive ups include Pakistan, Canada, Iran, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, representing more than 1% of all ATMs. PWKD27072018

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