Spain: Calvera Delivers First Mobile Refueling CNG Unit

Spain: Calvera Delivers First Mobile Refueling CNG Unit

The first mobile compressed natural gas station in Europe has been delivered by the Calvera Industrial Group to Naturgy (Gas Natural Fenosa).

This will be used to supply the gas-powered city buses of Jerez de la Frontera, a Spanish city that has long been committed to this technology that allows significant cost savings and lower pollutant emissions.

An equipment equipped with the latest technology to bring compressed natural gas (CNG) to where it is needed, and once there, it will fill vehicles directly, representing a fundamental change in the sector, opening up a wide range of opportunities.

Up to 4,000 kg of biogas or CNG at 250 bar pressure can be transported by the mobile refueling unit to directly supply vehicles, thereby expanding the possibilities of CNG biogas.

A maximum of 40 buses or heavy vehicles can be fed by each of these mobile gas stations, giving each a range of up to 400 kilometers.

To create an integrated refueling network, they could be installed in industrial area, vehicle locations far from the city, spread throughout the territory. In order to create a separate refueling facility where required, they can be used to refuel existing gas refueling stations or to discharge them, individually or in multiples.

In areas such as Spain and the United Kingdom, where they are expanding this system that can significantly change the CNG and biomethane market in an area where it is underdeveloped compared to other parts of Europe, these are precisely the objectives that the Calvera Group pursues.

In a cost-effective way, Calvera’s technology makes it possible to transport biomethane or CNG from anywhere to the point of use. New points of sale, are thus created for biogas producers for use in heat, energy, transport and gas network injection, as well as simplified access for vehicle owners or fleet managers seeking to comply with the current requirement in markets such as the United Kingdom that transport vehicles must use a certain percentage of fuel from renewable sources. PWKD30072018

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