Denmark: DCC Increases Shell Fuel Upgrade

Denmark: DCC Increases Shell Fuel Upgrade

DCC Energy, which operates Shell stations in Denmark, is set to launch a nationwide upgrade of Shell V-Power fuel, increasing the octane from 99 to 100.

An estimated 200 service stations in the network, which already sell Shell V-Power will have 100 octane by the end of September.

Søren Møller Maretti, Retail Director in DCC Energy, said, "We continuously improve the quality of our fuel at Shell stations. Last year, the cleaning features of Shell V-Power fuel became a boost, so they clean and protect even more effectively, and we also introduced Shell V-Power Diesel. Now, we have technically been given the opportunity to raise the quality of Shell V-Power by raising the octane from 99 to 100. Whether it is about cleaning performance in the fuel or performance improvement, it is important for us that Shell V- Power always offers the optimum.”

The engine management system is aided to operate the engine optimally and with maximum compression of the fuel and air mixture as a result of the high octane in the Shell V-Power. Special cleaning components remove and prevent coatings in the fuel system at the same time. With the upgrade of octane, Shell V-Power adds even more distance to standard 95 octane, although a difference from 99 to 100 octane may sound marginal.

Maretti added that in most cars, a high octane level helps to provide more optimum engine power by allowing a higher compression of the fuel and air mixture. A little better performance and a higher torque is received when the octane is changed from 95 to a high octane, which is the reason why many customers experience a better response and more engine power with the fuel.

At the end of August, the delivery of 100 octane to Shell stations commences. Stations that already have Shell V-Power will have clean 100 octane, from the end of September. PWKD30082018

Last modified onThursday, 30 August 2018 21:43
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