Montenegro: Hifa Oil First Podgorica Fuel Service Station Launch

Montenegro: Hifa Oil First Podgorica Fuel Service Station Launch

The leading distributor of fuel products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hifa Oil, as part of the expansion of the retail sector, is set to open its first fuel service station in Podgorica within a month.

A fuel station will also be opened in Rudo, prior to that. A new brand of the company Hifa Oil, Euro Oil represents a combination of modern and European standards of a fuel service station with all accompanying contents, such as a supermarket. With the goal that the company enters into a retail segment, which will, in addition to Euro Oil, include another brand of the company - Euro Marketi, the new brand Euro Oil is also followed by new investments and new job openings. With the new visual identity, the concept combines refueling and shopping.

At present there are four Hifa Oil - Euro Oil Stations and by the end of the year, plans are underway to expand to four more, of which two will be abroad, in neighboring Montenegro. In this way, the group proposes to double the number of retail Euro Oil Centers.

“We entered the retail market shyly two years ago with one station, and starting with this year we decided to make significant investments in this sector of the company's business. From the very beginning, we are trying to offer a new value, a higher level of service, new branding and additional content. So far we have been known as a reliable and quality distributor of high-quality fuel. Now, from wholesale, we enter the retail market more and more by setting new standards. In this way, we want to round off yet another successful fuel story in which we will be a reliable supplier to customers both wholesale and retail," said Kenan Ahmetlić, executive director and member of the Hifa Oil Management Board. PWKD06092018

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