Finland: Gasum To Invest In 50 CNG Fuel Service Stations For Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Finland: Gasum To Invest In 50 CNG Fuel Service Stations For Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Gasum is investing in the construction of around 50 natural gas fuel stations for heavy-duty vehicles in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Empowering considerable emission cuts will be the investment, which will multiply the size of the Nordic heavy-duty vehicle natural gas fuel station network.

Heavy-duty road transport plays a key role in the logistics system in the Nordic countries, in addition to generating a significant proportion of road transport emissions. Concrete solutions are needed to cut heavy-duty road transport emissions considerably from the current levels, in order to reach the reduction targets, set at the national and international levels to be reached. The most competitive alternative for this purpose is liquefied natural gas (LNG), among the low-emission fuels.

Achieving Nordic gas market growth is what Gasum’s strategy is based on. A strategic focus for Gasum is the use of natural gas as a heavy-duty road vehicle fuel. Gasum’s fuel station network serving heavy-duty road transport, will become several times larger than today, in the next few years. By the beginning of the 2020s, the coming investments will increase the number of these stations to around 50 in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Enabling significant increases in the use of liquefied natural gas and biogas in heavy-duty transport will be the new fuel stations which will be located at key transport nodes as regards road haulage.

There will be considerable cuts in carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate and noise emissions from transport, as a result of the switch of heavy-duty vehicles to liquefied natural gas or liquefied biogas (LBG)

Johanna Lamminen, Gasum CEO, said, ”We’re on our way towards a carbon-neutral society and it’s now time to accelerate the pace. Natural Gas plays an indisputably important role in this transition. In recent years, we’ve been making purposeful efforts to build the Nordic LNG and biogas infrastructure to improve access to gas. In early 2018, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency granted Gasum an investment subsidy for the expansion of our fuel station network as part of the Climate Leap program. This is key proof of the enormous potential of the natural gas market and enables the establishment of the role of natural gas as a low-emission fuel for heavy-duty road transport.”

As solutions are sought to combat climate change, the demand for cleaner transport solutions is increasing rapidly. For more than a quarter of road transport emissions in the EU, delivery and heavy-duty road vehicles are currently responsible. The expanding natural gas fuel station network creates good conditions for road fuel market growth and emission cuts, in addition to new gas vehicle models. PWKD11092018

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