Germany: Aldi Süd & FE-Trading First Fuel Service Station Partnership

Germany: Aldi Süd & FE-Trading First Fuel Service Station Partnership

Aldi Süd has partnered with FE-Trading to trial ten fuel service stations with the hope of future expansion throughout Germany.

The retailer also plans to increase the number of charging stations for electric cars at several branches nationwide.

Aldi forecourt sites were first introduced by the Austrian offshoot Hofer in Salzburg in 2009.

The fuel service stations were introduced to make shopping ‘as practical as possible’ by aiding mobility. Fuel Service Stations help to combine the convenience of being able to fill up your car and your shopping bags in one place.

Following success in Austria, plans were announced to launch fuel service station in Southern Germany.

Aldi Süd leased parking spaces at ten locations to FE-Trading in August. FE-Trading is a subsidiary of OMV, the Austrian oil and Gas Company. FE-Trading build and operate the sites under the brand of Avanti.

The first two fuel service stations have opened in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. Aldi Süd is set to open eight more fuel service stations. If this trial period is successful a further 200 are planned. This would put Aldi among the 15 largest fuel service station operators in Germany.

Aldi Süd is also expanding the provision of charging stations. Currently, there are 53 free charging stations nationwide. Aldi Süd hope to offer more than 80 by the end of 2018.

The retailer has previously concentrated on providing charging stations to major cities, and now wants to expand this to locations near the main traffic routes in Germany. Source: IGD PWKD11092018

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