Switzerland: Shell & Migros Retail & Fuel Business Partnership Extension

Switzerland: Shell & Migros Retail & Fuel Business Partnership Extension

Zurich - Migrol and Migrolino as well as Shell are extending their long-term partnership in the retail and fuel business.

At more than 120 Shell fuel service stations, customers in Migrolino shops can choose from a comprehensive range of fresh produce, branded and Migros products. Customers with a Migrol fuel card can refuel and shop cashless at all Shell fuel service stations using Migrolino.

Shell operates convenience stores with the concept and range of Migrolino at 62 of its own fuel service stations. A further 61 Shell fuel service stations with Migrolino are owned by Migrol AG. Now Migrolino and Migrol have agreed with Shell to continue the long-standing cooperation. They are renewing the expiring 2008 agreement for a further twelve years. As a result, more than 120 Shell and Migrol fuel service stations will continue to be operated with Shell fuels and the affiliated Migrolino shop. In addition, individual new openings are planned. Shell's existing Migrolino shops are being modernized and partially expanded. In the future they will offer the full range of Migrolino.

The partnership offers advantages for Migrolino and its customers: "In the future, our customers will be able to benefit from an even wider range of offers at Shell fuel service stations. There are more fresh products, well-known branded items and, of course, the popular Migros ranges to choose from. In addition, due to the optimal framework conditions, cheaper prices are sometimes possible than before, »says Migrolino CEO Markus Laenzlinger.

Migrol customers with fuel cards also benefit: "The Migrolcard makes it easy to refuel and shop at all Shell fuel service stations with Migrolino," says migrant CEO Daniel Hofer. "The broad acceptance of the card is already an appreciated value for our business and private customers. They have access to a Swiss network of around 370 Migrol and Shell fuel service stations. "Beat Zahnd, Member of the Directorate General of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (MGB) and Head of the Department of Trade, welcomes the long-term cooperation:" The cooperation forms a good basis to further develop Migrolino's retail business at fuel service stations. As a longtime partner, Shell will bring Migrolino's product range even closer to its mobility-savvy customers,

For Julian Weber, the fuel service station boss of Shell in Switzerland, the extension of the partnership with Migrol and Migrolino is an important milestone: "We are pleased to continue to have a strong partner with Migrolino, who is well established with his popular shopping assortment and appreciated by the customers. We want to further increase the attractiveness of our stations. Because the gas station is more than just a fuel supplier, but with attractive shops more and more often meets daily needs in the basic supply of consumers.

"Even today, every second customer does not come to refuel, but for shopping in the mShop. It makes me proud to meet this trend with an attractive range and complete Migrolino range. This enables us to make the refueling stop as pleasant as possible for our customers. », Says the Countrystair of Shell (Switzerland) AG Lorenz Burkart. PWKD11092018

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