Netherlands: OrangeGas Buys 5 Green Gas Fuel Service Stations

Netherlands: OrangeGas Buys 5 Green Gas Fuel Service Stations

OrangeGas has purchased 5 green gas fuel service stations from OGO CNG, which was a collaboration between Tamoil and Essent.

The OrangeGas network in the Netherlands reaches 80 service stations and a total of 115 stations in Germany with these 5 fuel service stations. OrangeGas is the market leader for public green gas fuel stations in the Netherlands, with 80 fuel service stations.

Marcel Borger, director / owner OrangeGas conveyed happiness with this acquisition. “With these fuel stations we optimize our network in the Netherlands and improve our network with coverage. In addition, OGO CNG has already made sales efforts for more than two years and Greengas / CNG customers already know the stations well. In addition to this acquisition, we already have green gas stations at Tamoil fuel stations for 8 to 9 years. Because of this we know each other well and this cooperation will expand even further

“Tamoil is pleased to further intensify its collaboration with Orangegas and believes that CNG / Green gas is one of the fuels that can play an important role in the transition to a fossil-free transport sector,” said Ronald Kempen, Managing Director of Tamoil Netherlands.

Compared to other clean fuels, Green gas is currently the best applicable and affordable clean fuel, for the next 10-15 years. A very wide range of passenger cars is available, with the VW UP to the Audi A4 / A5, and can be ordered from the dealer. With the same consumption as a diesel, the car is cheaper to buy and the fuel 25 to 40% cheaper and this is without subsidies.

OrangeGas’ goal to become one of the largest clean fuel suppliers in Europe is consistent with the acquisition and expansion of the network in the Netherlands. OrangeGas believes that a mix of large fuels is the solution and not just a type of clean fuel such as EV, which is why, in addition to green gas / CNG, the network of EV fast chargers is also being expanded along with plans for hydrogen in 2019, with also discussions taking place to offer LNG cooperation.  Two green gas stations are planned for Belgium in 2019, and there are proposals to start in the Nordic countries and the UK. PWKD05102018

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