Ukraine: BRSM-Nafta Odessa Fuel Service Station Launch

Ukraine: BRSM-Nafta Odessa Fuel Service Station Launch

In continually expanding its network, BRSM-Nafta has rolled out a new fuel service station in Odessa, one of the most popular region among Ukrainian motorists, to maximally meet their expectations.

All types of fuel (92 EURO, 95e PREMIUM +, 95 EURO, 95 EURO PLUS, diesel fuel EURO and EURO PLUS), are sold at the new station, the quality of which is confirmed by the Institute of Consumer Expertise. A modern retail market also accompanies the station offering, a wide assortment of food and auto-goods from proven suppliers. The PLUS loyalty program operates in the new Odessa as in all fuel stations, allowing its members to save money on car refueling and the purchase of related products. PWKD11102018

Last modified onWednesday, 10 October 2018 13:55
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