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England, UK: FPB Calls on Osborne to Prioritise Fuel Duty Issue

The Forum of Private Business has called on Chancellor George Osborne to address the problems of fuel duty at the first opportunity, saying that the issue should be his first priority. The appeal comes ahead of the Chancellor's Autumn statement, in which he plans to outline his plans on how to encourage growth in small businesses. 


Italy: Eni and Honeywell to Cooperate on Venetian Biodiesel Plant

Italian supermajor Eni has enlisted the help of energy and safety solutions firm Honeywell to assist it in developing its new Venetian biodiesel plant. Honeywell’s ecorefining expertise will be used to help smooth the process of converting regular petroleum-based diesel to biodiesel, Eni said, while both companies will be involved in transforming the oils and fats to useable fuel. 


England, UK: Q8Oils Hires Clarke Transport as Primary Packed Goods Carrier

Q8Oils has announced the appointment of Clarke Transport as the company’s main packed goods carrier. Clarke will deliver from the company’s Leeds base, where it will deal with up to 50 packages per day including IBCs and participate in Q8Oil’s tracked delivery system, whereby customers are informed on the location and progress of their order. 


England, UK: PRA Defends Role of Independents

Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) Chairman Brian Madderson has defended the role of independent fuel retailers, insisting that they helped to lead fuel prices in the UK downwards. According to Madderson, who responded to the AA’s November fuel price report, several retailers have dropped prices below those of their local supermarket competition.


England, UK: 48-Hour Plan Improves Delivery for Q8Oils

Q8Oils has revealed that it improved its delivery performance from 86% to 95% since February 2012 by adopting a new production planning method, ‘The 48-Hour Plan’. The plan, which launched on February 6, involved significant changes within the operations team as part of efforts to improve the existing planning system.

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