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China: Shell Affirms Investment Plans

China: Shell Affirms Investment Plans

Shell remains committed to investing and growing its retail business in China, according to Istvan Kapitany, Executive Vice PResident of Shell Retail.


Speaking to local reporters, Kapitany said that the Chinese market is its most important target for retail growth. The company currently operates approximately 1,100 fuel service stations in the country, and opened nearly one station per day in 2012. "We will continue to invest in China since the potential of the retail market in China is significant," he remarked. 

Kapitany also said that the retail business remains significant for Shell despite its reduced exposure in European markets. "Our business in Europe is no longer in a growth phase, but it is still growing in North America and Asia," he argued. "We have rich experience in the non-fuel sector in our service stations in global markets, and Shell China will bring ones that can fit into the market." 


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