Uganda: Vivo Energy Launches ‘Gwe Kapo’ At Shell Fuel Retail Network

Uganda: Vivo Energy Launches ‘Gwe Kapo’ At Shell Fuel Retail Network

The campaign is to make the lives of motorbike riders easier

 A motorbike rider campaign dubbed “Owa Boda Gwe Kapo” has been launched by Vivo Energy Uganda, unveiling a wide offering for the rider at Shell service stations as well as a promotional and reward platform – the Shell Boda Club.

Though the Boda-Boda industry is a significant segment of the transport industry in Uganda, only a few organizations have developed targeted products for this community. As demonstrated by this specialized offering for Boda-Boda riders, Vivo Energy has respect and appreciation of all its customers.

Vivo Energy Marketing Manager Jean Mugisha said, “At Vivo Energy we take time to understand our customers and their needs and work hard to provide convenient solutions for them, that are accessible across the country at all our sites. Because the riders’ needs are not limited to fuel, Vivo Energy has set up value added services to enrich the offer and meet all needs of the riders. The riders have access to cash change, whether they purchase or not at the Shell service stations. We are also excited to partner with key suppliers and providers of motorcycle related products and services.” PWKD13072017

Last modified onThursday, 13 July 2017 20:53
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