PetrolWorld Magazine Issue 2

PetrolWorld Magazine Issue 2

The PetrolWorld Magazine Issue 2 publication is now available on line

This has exclusive coverage of the recent  Asia Fuel Retail Conference held in Kuala Lumpur.  This includes special introduction by David Egan; thought provoking piece from the Conference Moderator Mr Carl Clump titled "Fuel Retailing - An Innocent Bystander's View";  Vandana Hari's article is titled "Malaysia, India encounter new challenges on road to fuel retail deregulation" and based on her key presentation in Kuala Lumpur.

BP's Downstrean & Upstream Chiefs talk Collaboration reflects a new strategy from BP around the world when it comes to fuel distribution and retial.  This issue also has coverage of PetrolWorld's visit to the offiical opening of Puma Energy's new fuel terminal in Myanmar as well as full details of all the supplier companies at the supporting Fuels Expo at the Asia Fuel Retail Conference.

Link to PW Magazine Issue 2


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