USA: Gulf Oil & GasBuddy New Business Partnership

The retailer platform allows Gulf to gain valuable understanding of what consumers are saying about their locations.


Gulf Oil has decided to partner with GasBuddy with the intention of connecting with millions of drivers, create new business, as well as achieve a better understanding of the consumer perception and experience.

Gulf and Gulf distributors will have access to a suite of digital tools and services to help reach more consumers, with the help of GasBuddy Business Pages, a B2B Retailer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) released at NACS in 2016. The platform will also allow Gulf and Gulf distributors to benchmark their performance against nearby competition, target and grow their customer base, and become more educated in the marketplace.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to better serve our distributors and dealers, and Business Pages is a perfect addition to our current list of offerings. Business Pages allows both Gulf and our customers to secure a competitive advantage in the market while continuing to enhance the fuel service station experience and overall satisfaction for driving consumers,” said Nikki Fales, the director of marketing at Gulf Oil.

“Fuel marketers and convenience stores don’t own their brands — the customer does,” said Greg Fox, the chief revenue officer at GasBuddy. “Every day the GasBuddy app receives an average of 3 million ratings, reviews, and fuel price submissions from our community of users about their experience. GasBuddy Business Pages enables the market to have better insight in order to target and influence the tens of millions of drivers each month.” PWKD17082017

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