Oman: Oman Oil & BP Visco Promotion Partnership

Oman: Oman Oil & BP Visco Promotion Partnership

The company has been providing customers with superior motor fuels in addition to rewarding consumers with regular promotions

Oman Oil Marketing Company, together with BP Oman, has ended a countrywide BP Visco Summer Lubricants promotion. The promotion was exclusive to BP Visco customers in Oman, being the sole distributor of the highly popular motor fuel.

“BP Visco 3000 has been tested in stressful conditions to evaluate parameters like engine deposits, fuel thickening, wear protection, fuel consumption and rust protection at API SL Standards.  These tests address issues that include higher engine stresses, changes in fuel quality, changes in driving style and most importantly maintenance costs. BP Visco 3000 provides all round performance in all of these parameters to give peace of mind to end consumers,” said Eng. Nabeel Al Ruwaidhi, General Manager–B2B at Oman Oil Marketing Company.

“BP Visco has been a brand that has enjoyed a loyal following in Oman for over three decades,” said Amal Shawky, Brand & Communications Manager, BP Middle East. “It is only apt that we reward our customers for their unwavering trust in our brands. A producer of arguably one of the world’s most trusted and proven ranges of automotive lubricants, BP Lubricants set and then raise standards for engine health. This promotion simply underlines the mandate of providing the best for the engine and for the owner.” PWKD29082017

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