PetrolWorld 20 Years in Asia

PetrolWorld 20 Years in Asia

Photo:  Younger looking David Egan photographed in Bangkok 2002  -  As we enter a busy work cycle of the calendar year, here at PetrolWorld we are preparing not just for the busy year ahead but also celebrating 20 years in Asia.

Our official first 'foray' into the Asia fuels market was in September 1997 when we travelled around Asia for the first time.  Our initial meetings were with Petronas Dagangan, Shell and Conoco Jet Brand in  Malaysia;  Esso, Caltex, and Mobil Oil in Singapore as well as SPC;  In South Korea we had our first meetings with SK and Caltex: as well as  Idemitsu and Tatsuno in Japan followed by most of South East Asia and India over the following year.  Our first business forum named ASPEC was held in Penang, Malaysia during June 1998.  

The ASPEC  business forum represented our first event so we are looking forward to celebrate this during 2018.  Apart from some special features in our PetrolWorld Magazine publication, we will also hold special celebration at the 2nd Asia Fuel Retail Conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur next June 2018.

International Fuel Retail Events - With PEI taking place in  Chicago (America) next month, followed by the Uniti Expo (Europe) next Spring (which PetrolWorld is official international media partner); the 2nd Asia Fuel Retail Conference in Kuala Lumpur next June  will represent a significant international meeting point for the industry in Asia.  PetrolWorld looks forwward to see you in Chicago and Stuttgart.  However, we especially look forward to host our 2nd Asia Fuel Retail Conference in Kuala Lumpur next June to celebrate 20 years of involvement in the Asia fuel retail markets.  Details will be announced later this month.

You can expect to see some unique photographs taken in Asia over the last 20 years over the coming year!  Did you know that at the first ASPEC forum organised by PetrolWorld in Penang June 1998, had at least three current Presidents of key global supplier companies in attendance as delegates: namely,   David Crouse represented FE Petro and Martin Gafinowitz represented Veeder-Root!!  Finally the longest serving President in the industry, Mr Hiro Tatsuno of Tatsuno Corporation who also presented at the ASPEC Seminar sessions at that first Forum event.  

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