Singapore: Puma Energy Successfully Issues US$600M

The transaction has led investor’s credit that Puma Energy has continued to build strong and profitable operations

The globally integrated midstream and downstream energy company Puma Energy, has been successful in issuing US$600 million aggregate principal amount of Senior Notes due 2024 at a fixed coupon of 5.125% per annum (the “2024 Senior Notes”).

The transaction was made in association with a US$590 million intermediated tender offer for Puma Energy’s existing Senior Notes due 2021 (the “Existing Senior Notes”) made by Merrill Lynch International. The cash portion of the intermediated tender offer will fund the proceeds from the issue of 2024 Senior Notes. As a result, $590 million principal amount of Existing Senior Notes will be cancelled.

“This new Senior Notes issuance is another great success for Puma Energy,” said Denis Chazarain, Chief Financial Officer for Puma Energy. “The demand for the deal has highlighted the strong following the company has in the debt capital markets, with a range of orders across all continents, resulting in a total order book that was in excess of US$2.0 billion.  Our investors recognize that Puma Energy has continued to build robust and profitable operations.” PWKD10102019

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