Australia: Caltex Upgrades Newport Terminal

Australia: Caltex Upgrades Newport Terminal

The company has invested over $2.5 billion into its supply and retail infrastructure

The opening of Caltex’s $75 million investment in a major piece of infrastructure was celebrated by the launch of a new community art competition. The investment reinforces economic activity in Victoria and improves local road safety.

“The upgrade of the Newport terminal is an example of Caltex's strong commitment to our customers alongside safe and reliable operations across Australia,” said Julian Segal, Caltex Australia CEO. “Our ongoing investment in infrastructure of $300 million in the last year alone helps us reliably supply our customers across Australia, and the improvements to the terminal are a tangible example of our continued dedication to excellent operations at the Newport Terminal and the safety of our surrounding community.”

“Our terminal is better than ever after the upgrade however it is a bit plain, so we are searching for talent to submit a design to decorate one of our new jet tanks so it becomes a unique feature.Our community deserves something special – with their help we hope to find an artwork that celebrates the locality and the community in which we serve, live and work,” said Louise Warner, Caltex Executive General Manager, Fuels and Infrastructure.

With the expansion of the state’s second-busiest fuel terminal by Caltex which has been operating in this location since 1933, the reliability of fuel supply across the state has been extensively improved.

Two new tanks were recently built by the company,adding 40 million liters of storage capacity, new pipes, pumping equipment, increased truck loading capacity, refurbishedaccess to improve traffic flow and an upgrade to the terminal’s safety systems.

Louise Warner added that Caltex’s business is focused on making life easier and keeping Australia moving, taking pride in their role as Australia’s leading supplier to compete against multinational corporations. Caltex continues to invest in the infrastructure that Victoria needs to keep its economy vibrant and growing. PWKD04122017

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