France: Air Liquide First Airport Zone Public H2 Station Launch

France: Air Liquide First Airport Zone Public H2 Station Launch

The H2 station will promote deployment of the world's first hydrogen-powered taxi fleet

The first public hydrogen station has been set off by Air Liquide and Groupe ADP, set up in an airport sector in the country. Designed and installed by Air Liquide with the support of the FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking), the station will promote the deployment of “Hype”, the world's first hydrogen-powered taxi fleet. 

A number of benefits for clean transportation is opened up by the use of Hydrogen. When used in a fuel cell, it combines with the oxygen in the air to produce electricity, with water as the only byproduct, without generating any pollution at its point of use: zero greenhouse gases, zero particles and zero noise. Less than five minutes is required to recharge hydrogen-powered electric vehicles for a driving range of around 500 kilometers.

The world’s first ever taxi fleet powered by hydrogen, the Parisian taxi fleet “Hype”, was launched by the start-up STEP (Société du Taxi Électrique Parisien) in 2015, in partnership with Air Liquide. Currently powered by an Air Liquide station, the fleet counts more than 50 hydrogen-powered vehicles and plans to grow, by 2020, to 600 taxis. Air Liquide will open new hydrogen stations around Paris in 2018, and thus continue to support the growth of this offer.

“Present in the hydrogen sector for 50 years, Air Liquide is actively developing its energy applications today and is involved in the organization of this field, mostly through the Hydrogen Council,” said Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide. “The installation of this charging station at the Orly Airport, in collaboration with Groupe ADP, marks a new step in the development of clean mobility in and around Paris. It also illustrates the maturity of technologies and the mobilization of a growing number of players in promoting hydrogen energy.”

“The rollout of this innovative equipment in collaboration with Air Liquide is one of the embodiment of our ambitious policy promoting innovation while protecting the environment. A hydrogen station will also be installed at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2018. This new energy offer provides access to new modes of transportation and allows us to reaffirm our role as an experimental territory and as a key player in the field of mobility,” said Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP. PWKD13122017

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