Editors Note: Peter Sutherland 1946 -2018

Editors Note: Peter Sutherland 1946 -2018

Peter Sutherland, former Chairman of BP,  has died yesterday morning in Dublin at the age of 71years, having been ill for some time.

Mr Peter Sutherland served as BP Chairman from 1997 to 2009.  During this time, BP was Europe's biggest oil company valued at st£236bn with daily profits of st£42m. 

Beyond his work at BP and on a personal note, Peter Sutherland was a business and political role model for myself growing up in Dublin.   He had a "European and Global mindset" which I believe brought him the success as director general of GATT, the World Trade Organisation, EEC Commissioner and a number of corporate roles besides BP.  In more recent years, he was the UN special representative on migration and assisted to set up the Global Forum on Migration & Development. While working as EEC Commissioner, he was influential in setting up the Erasmus programme (1987) which allowed third level students to study across Europe. May he rest in peace and our thoughts are with his Spanish wife Maruja and three children, Shane, Natalia and Ian.

David Egan


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