Editors Note in PetrolWorld Magazine - Outlook 2018

Editors Note in PetrolWorld Magazine - Outlook 2018

Welcome to a new and busy 2018!

It is a special year for PetrolWorld as we celebrate 20 years in Asia!   It is appropriate that our 2nd Asia Fuel Retail & Distribution Conference with its supporting Expo will take place in Kuala Lumpur where it all started 20 years ago.  PAGE 27 has photo review of the 1st Asia Fuel Retail Conference.

Next year in 2019, we will celebrate 15 years of covering international news on line and 10 years of publishing the PetrolWorld Magazine. At the end of the year, our independent web consultants in Dublin, verified that every country and territory in the World was using our news website. Even more important was the fact that the verification of global unique visitors was after all the spam and misc. statistics were taken out of the equation.

This edition of the PetrolWorld Magazine is packed with interesting news headlines from around the world. We slightly changed our approach to the Outlook 2018 by introducing a macro energy outlook via the International Energy Agency with their permission.

You can read the introduction to the Outlook 2018 on PAGE 10. As usual, we have chosen a small number of companies to contribute to the Outlook 2018 (This includes David Crouse President of DFS) . On this occasion we have chosen some companies from Latin America where we have been actively developing our network through PW Team member Sol Royo Erausquin. 

Europe Heating Fuels on PAGE 34 is a ‘must read’ collaborative article from ECFD, Eurofuel, Fuels Europe and UPEI.  Product and Supplier News on page 45 gives you 7 quality pages of the latest product and supplier developments – don’t miss it!

PetrolWorld has networked at a local level in every continent. During December, we announced a new partnership with the Independent Mexican Fuel Retail Dealers organization ‘Onexpo’ as part of our development in Latin America.  Enjoy this special issue on line!  Postal Distribution to Members and controlled list started this week.

David Egan

International Editor


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