UAE: ADNOC & DUSUP 15-year Natural Gas Agreement

UAE: ADNOC & DUSUP 15-year Natural Gas Agreement

The renewed contract with the Dubai Supply Authority is for natural gas supply

With the aim to help meet Dubai’s ever growing energy needs, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has entered into a 15-year natural gas sales agreement with the Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP) for the supply of Natural Gas.

“Twenty years ago this month I had the privilege to sign the natural gas supply agreement drawn up under the direction of H.H. Sheikh Zayed and H.H. Sheikh Mohamed that resulted in ADNOC constructing the Taweelah – Jebel Ali pipeline and the beginning of natural gas deliveries from ADNOC to Dubai in 2001,” said H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Director General of DUSUP. “It gives me great pleasure to sign again for DUSUP for the continuation of the contract. In doing so, we believe that we are not only extending energy cooperation between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in time, but also building on the foundations, originally laid in 1998 and reinforced over the years, to expand the breadth and depth of our energy relations now and in the future.”

“This agreement underscores ADNOC’s commitment to meeting the growing energy needs of the UAE. We will harness our natural gas resources for the benefit of the nation, working in close collaboration with our customers and partners, by making smart investments in the development of additional gas reserves. This will enable us to deliver against our strategic objective of providing a sustainable and economic supply of natural gas to the UAE,” said H.E. Dr Al Jaber, UAE Minister of State and ADNOC Group CEO.

ADNOC plans to access undeveloped tight reservoirs, tap into its natural gas caps and expand sour gas production, as part of its 2030 smart growth strategy, making sure that it delivers a sustainable and economic natural gas supply to meet the UAE’s growing demand for energy. Additionally, an exploration drilling program has also been commenced to explore for, and appraise, the potential of individual gas deposits in tight reservoirs.

ADNOC’s Panorama Command Centre, which is a key part of ADNOC’s organization-wide digital transformation, will help deliver a more profitable upstream, a more valuable downstream and an economic, sustainable gas supply.

The center generates operational insights and recommends new pathways to enhance performance and unlock value, using smart analytical models and advanced artificial intelligence platforms. PWKD09022018

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