Editors Note : Snow & Rugby?

Snow returned to the island of Ireland for the 2nd time in a month (not alone a decade) last week-end.....and yes Ireland has gone All Green on the sport of rugby ! 

Snow was in the headlines across Britain and Ireland over the week-end.  While Scotland would be familiar with the "white stuff", it is only once in a decade or two you will experience snow in Ireland.  However it has since disappeared and will not be seen again for along time....?  The fuel retail network operated normally and without shortages.

For those readers familiar with rugby, the Celtic Pro14 League countries of Ireland, Wales and Scotland finished 1, 2 & 3 this year in the European 6 Nations Championship -  I had to mention this as it may not occur again for a long time! 

Turning to work and the fuel market, there has been a cycle of significant news items over the last two weeks so make sure you check out the various news sites that you use as well as our own unique PW Global news service.  Vitol's IPO of Viva has not been verified but the European IPO of Varo Energy is going ahead.  Varo Energy operates in  Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland.  We made breaking news items on Dover's New President & CEO yesterday plus the sale of New Zealands Shell assets last Friday.

PW Publishing Deadline - With regards to Uniti Expo 2018, a quick reminder that PetrolWorld's Magazine Preview deadline is next Wednesday 28th March.

With regards to the Asia Fuel Retail & Distribution Conference & Expo, there will be an 'Event Newsletter Update'  next Monday 26th March.  This will include new companies and players participating. 

David Egan

International Editor

Last modified onSaturday, 24 March 2018 07:17
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